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For over 20 years, Network Performance Group known as JTA has provided critical infrastructure support for the Health Care, Government, Education and Telecommunication Industry in critical areas of: Data Center design and build, Data Center Moves, Data Analytic s and infrastructure software support. Our professional team has been trusted to support organizations from The Royal Singapore Air Force to UT Southwestern Medical School.

Data Center Moves

With our Data Center Experience and Cable Management, we partner with Electronic Transport . Our Data Center Move process has proven to be efficient and provides the least disruption in your operations. That is why companies like Dell Computing and Budweiser trust our team for their move projects. We can provide you with a fixed cost Data Center Move proposal that includes a Data Center layout design and execution, a complete Project Plan including requirements gathering and analysis and Data Center Moving cost options that meet your move requirements and budget. We operate throughout North America and US territories.

Please contact us today for a Data Center Move proposal that includes an analysis of your requirements and your Data Center Move budget constraints. 

Project Management

As a member of the Project Management Institute each of our lead Project Managers is a PMP certified professional. We bring over 20 years of Project Management experience. With hundreds of past projects completed successfully and a careful review of lessons learned at the completion of each project we have on of the highest project management success rates in the industry. Our processes includes interviews with the sponsor and each project stakeholder. These interviews are followed-up with a Project Requirements document. Once the requirements documentation is approved we prepare a  Budget and schedule. Then we begin the execution phase where our experience provides the real value added. Our success rate speaks for itself.

That is why world class military organizations like the US Army and the Royal Singapore Air Force trust our Project Management expertise. This is also why our customers are frequent repeat users of our Project Management expertise.

Please contact us today to discuss your current or planned project needs. We can provide you with a through project plan that meets your needs and a realistic budget and schedule that you can depend on.

Cable Management

With our partner LBJ Communications, whether you prefer Panduit or Leviton we have the experience to make your Data Center Cable Management a success.

With network speeds and bandwidth requirements increasing, communications systems designers have developed network protocols that transmit information as multiple data packets over multiple pairs of cable.

Industry standards provide guidelines that define which cables and connectors are appropriate to support each type of network and our cable management expertise can suggest methods for maintaining high levels of cable performance. This  expertise includes room layout suggestions.

The Commercial Buildings Telecommunications Pathways and Spaces Standards [ANSI/TIA/EIA-569B] suggest size, layout and provisioning for planning Telecommunications Rooms based on the number of users and floor space.

This standard also defines specific types of cables that can be used within the network and minimum performance requirements for testing the installed cables as "Standards Compliant"

Please contact us today for a proposal that addresses your current or planned cable management needs.
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